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Technologies offered (click on the plus sign to expand the description):
  • css - All designs utilize cascading style sheets for standards compliant layout.

    Cascadable classes for style control? Add to that position & visibility control as style elements? Couple these with touchable element id's and javascript control? Gee, now we can make something like a user friendly interface.

  • PHP - A powerfull serverside scripting language.

    Our template, contact, and blog engines all use PHP.

  • javascript - A light-weight clientside scripting language.

    We use javascript for access to Document Object Model. The pairing of javascript and css allows for a much more dynamic look and feel. For example: the menus to the left; or expandable lists (like the one you are currently viewing).

  • java - Clientside specialised applets.

    java is a platform independent object-oriented programming language.

  • c/c++ - Serverside executables programmed in c/c++.

    For those clients that require computationally intensive serverside elements we offer cgi executables programmed in c/c++. A good example of this is the Zwislocki Cochlea Model.

  • sql - Structured Query Language.

    For all your serverside database needs.

  • lamp - Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP server implementations.

    We have better than 10 years experience specifying, constructing, installing, and maintaining Linux systems and are well versed with Apache, MySQL, and PHP installations. As those of you who noticed the tail on our logo may have surmised, we also have a good deal of experience with BSD.